Tackling Organization Little Bits at a Time

by Tyler Grossman 02/25/2019

A new year has begun and now is as good a time as any to set your sights on streamlining your daily life. Purging closets, cupboards, and drawers can feel either overwhelming or empowering. With such busy schedules, thinking about your whole house and what it will take to organize everything can stall the purging project before you even start. Try instead to think of it as sorting small spaces, one at a time, for just a few minutes. That way over time and with consistency you can have your entire home sorted and running more efficiently. 

Where to start

Picture your entire living space and realize that each room can be a mini project within the overall goal of creating an efficient living space. Then each room can be further divided into zones that you can sort in small allotted time blocks. You can spend anywhere from 10 minutes sorting through a bathroom drawer to 30 minutes on a hall closet. To stay motivated and keep the project from becoming overwhelming, try and keep the sorting to 30 minutes or less for each zone. You may discover it's useful to draw a layout of your house and check it off when you complete a zone. Or maybe you're a list kind of person, making a list with what you want to sort through in each room can be helpful. 

Sort by number

When sorting through each zone keep the process quick and straightforward. As you empty the zone, each item goes into one of three piles, as follows:

- NO

Having boxes or laundry baskets in which to place each item is helpful. Or you can make the piles on the floor or a table. Pick up an article and put it in a category immediately. Any hesitation and it goes to the “not sure” pile. When the zone is empty, grab the “no” pile and take it straight out to a designated area for donation. Then re-home all the items in the ‘yes’ pile. Finally, evaluate the "not sure" pile. Do you have space for it? Is it used often? Again, quickly decide and either put it away or donate. Then, move on with your day. 

Little bites are best

You may be able to complete several zones throughout your day, but no pressure. The focus here is not how fast you can get the whole project completed but instead taking a few minutes at a time and getting a small amount sorted quickly. Over time the entire house will be a more efficient living space. 

Go through open houses and model home to get creative organization ideas for your living space.

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